Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Rewindable Learning

What is rewindable learning?

For me, I think of being able to revisit the learning by have something visual to refer to and/or being able to watch and listen to the teaching again. 

When learning is rewindable it puts the power in the hands of the learner. From time to time I use YouTube when i'm wanting to learn something new, such as icing a cupcake . YouTube is easy to use, I can watch and rewind the clip over and over until i've perfected the icing technique. By put this into practice in the classroom, it helps the children become more independent. I find relevant clips to support children in their learning on math concepts.

As well as fostering independence, I want the children to take ownership of their learning and to teach each other. To do this I decided to look at how I can use the app on the class iPad's called Explain Everything. The children use the app then post on their blog, making it so not only can they revisit their learning but it is also available for other children to watch, learn, comment on and question. 

Practice makes perfect. It's time for me to explore Explain Everything - using YouTube tutorials!

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