Sunday, 8 March 2015

Talk Moves

Whilst reflecting upon my teaching and planning for the upcoming week I came across a poster for Talk Moves in maths that got me thinking. One of the Talk Moves is all about waiting, something i'm guilty of not doing enough. Some research shows that most teachers wait for less than a second for a student to respond to a question before either redirecting it to another student, rewording the question or providing the answer. Giving students processing time by waiting after posing a question is something I need to keep in the back of my mind. Along with implementing Talk Moves into my everyday maths teaching, I will also make a point of asking more open ended questions. This will also help me as a teacher to really get the students using mathematics vocabulary so they can further explain their thinking.

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  1. I read this article not long ago 'Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say!', thought you might be interested.
    A teacher looking at the challenges that you have just shared.